• Change is Good

    Dear Friends of Founders League,


    In March 2018, our team made the decision to wind down Founders League and pass the torch to a new generation of leaders who are doing great things to grow Rhode Island’s startup economy.


    When we launched Founders League in 2013 our aim was to be a catalyst in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. We had three goals: 1) Expand access to affordable and flexible workspace in Providence via coworking, 2) Demonstrate the value of a “pipeline” approach to entrepreneurial development and 3) Create a baseline of activity that would attract new energy and a flow of resources into Rhode Island’s startup scene.


    Since then, Founders League coworking served more than 300 members. When our doors opened there were very few options in Providence for flexible space. Hard to believe, but many people had never even heard of coworking! Over three years we went from 0% occupancy to of 95%. Today, there are many coworking organizations across the state serving a diversity of members. Soon, the state-supported Wexford development will open a coworking space so large that it would have been deemed inconceivable five years ago. It’s truly been a revolution in how people work.


    Over the years, we have hosted 200+ programs and events. From pitch competitions and panel presentations to casual meetups and mentor office hours, we’ve worked with students, companies just getting started, and those working to scale. Hundreds of entrepreneurs, students and seasoned pros alike, have passed through our doors. It has been a great pleasure to help each of them on their journey.


    New resources are beginning to flow into the state, including the expansion of the MassChallenge program and the impending launch of the Cambridge Innovation Center. Many people worked hard to recruit these partners, but ultimately they came because they believed Rhode Island is at the beginning, not the end, of its entrepreneurial renaissance.


    With all of this activity afoot, our work with Founders League is at a natural stopping point, our mission accomplished.


    So what comes next for the Founders League space? Our downtown facility is currently shared by a small group of companies who make excellent use of the space created for us nearly three years ago. You may even still see our stylish sign painted on the building!


    We want to thank everyone who’s helped the Founders League along the way. We are proud of what we accomplished over the years. This success was a team effort and together, we made a real difference. We look forward to all that is to come!!

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