• 2016 Startup Gift Guide

    Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide, featuring some of our favorite startups with RI roots. Give a great gift while building entrepreneurial dreams. Try getting THAT on Amazon.


    Happy Holidays from us to you!


  • Gifts For Anyone

    Linkmount Enhances any Smartphone

    This multi-functional phone accessory fits the tightest pockets and lets you tether your phone to your belt loop, purse or wrist. A 360° grip ring allows you to spin, flip and grip your phone & with a simple twist, it's transformed into an instant phone stand. Use the code STARTUPHERO for 30% off any purchase. Order here

    Enviable Gifts For Do-Gooders

    Whether you're buying for environmentalists, vegetarians, vegans, activists, or know-it-alls, Unicorn Goods has you covered with ethical gifts for everyone on your list. Here you can find anything from clothing to electronics to books to food. All 100% cruelty-free and free of animal products and byproducts. Order here

    Give The Gift Every Angler Wants

    Shopping for a fisherman is nearly impossible. Postfly makes it easy. Instead of closing your eyes and choosing the first thing you pick up, send a Postfly gift subscription and we'll send the flies and gear they want every month, straight to their door. Use code "STARTUPHERO" to get 10% off your first order. Order here

    Greycork - Living Room Furniture, Delivered

    This holiday season, give yourself a gift you can enjoy all year round and upgrade your living room. Your home will thank you! Order here

  • Gifts For Kids

    No more plastic crap. Send an adventure instead.

    Rosy and Donna credit their dad for instilling in them a love of creative play. Many years later, Surprise Ride was born, and now thousands of kids enjoy a monthly adventure-in-box. If there's a young one in your life who needs to get off the screen, this is the PERFECT gift. Order here​

    O-Rings: Sensory Playthings for All!​

    Born in Providence, O-Rings are big, beautifully designed, stacking rings that are made for kids of all abilities to play with. They are perfect to hide in, crawl through, lounge in, play human ring toss with, and more. Designed by RISD alumni, O-Rings are made in nearby Fall River and are a 2016 Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner! Special offer code for $50 off: PVDLOVE. Order here

    Jerry The Bear: Better Health Through Play

    More than a stuffed bear, Jerry's cuddly goodness combines expert­ approved content with play patterns that convey the best practices in diabetes care. Kids take care of Jerry by feeding him a healthy diet and keep his blood sugar in a good range by counting carbs and matching insulin doses. When Jerry’s blood sugar goes high or low, Jerry speaks his symptoms, encouraging kids to recognize how they feel!

    Order here

  • Gifts For the Woman in Your Life

    Fine Jewelry for Every Day

    The HAVERHILL holiday collection—hand crafted for everyday elegance—makes the perfect gift for women of all ages. Designed by a fifth generation jeweler, these pieces are designed to wear everyday yet worthy to be passed down through the generations. Code STARTUPHERO means you get free shipping. Order here

    Feel What's Special About Andrea Valentini

    Andrea Valentini creates beautiful, hand-crafted handbags and accessories from sculptural, high performance textiles. Their signature dots and hexagons are sure to turn heads and make all her friends jealous. Order here

    Follow your Wanderlust in Style

    Bela Monde offers luxurious patterned scarves, caftans and coats. Each original pattern is inspired by travel photographs taken all over the world. Hand finished. American made. Locally produced. Use code BELAMONDE50 for $50 off your purchase or towards a gift certificate. Order here


    Prenatals You Can Drink

    Is someone you love trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding? Gift them Premama pre and postnatal drink mix and soft chew supplements for the holidays this year. Use code HGG2016 for $5 off your purchase. Order here


  • Gifts For the Health Nut

    Say Goodbye to Back Pain from your Office Chair

    Focal Upright's revolutionary line of furniture makes it easier than ever to get up and get active in the office. Focal designs award-winning ergonomic standing desks and leaning seats that gently encourage a healthy posture, allowing users to be upright and focused without the pains of prolonged standing. Order here

    Inner Peace For The Whole Family

    Organic herbs for wellness. Calm-A-Mama's botanical tinctures are all natural and certified USDA Organic. Choose Calm, Focus, Happy, Sleep or Balance and take 20% off with code STARTUPSROCK. What do you need? Order here

    Give the Gift of Good Health

    Quitting smoking is hard. But with QuitBit's smart lighter, getting off the smokes just got easier. Created by two Brown University grads who themselves struggled to kick the habit, this is one gift that will keep on giving for many years to come. use code STARTUPHERO for 30% off! Order here

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