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VFA Fellow Launches Sportswear to Show PVD Pride

Providence Venture for America Fellow Alyssa Gil has launched a new startup called Hometeam, a sportswear brand designed to show city pride...and look good doing it.

Hometeam is an athleisure streetwear brand with a mission in mind: to leverage the unifying power of teams to foster civic pride and rally people around local economic development. Their apparel and accessory products mimic sports uniforms to cultivate a team feel around a city, while benefitting organizations driving local economic development.

Alyssa is launching Hometeam through the VFA Innovation Fund - an annual crowdfunding competition in partnership with Indiegogo. Alyssa is seeking to raise $5,000 on Indiegogo to pilot the brand in Providence, and plans to scale to additional cities within the next year. Support the campaign now!

“People are excited to wear a shirt that has their city’s name on it, but Hometeam takes it to the next level,” Alyssa said. “It helps them show that they’re contributing to the city’s economic growth. They’re literally putting their city on their back.”

Alyssa came to Providence as a Venture for America Fellow. VFA is a program that places top tier graduates in U.S. cities where startups and entrepreneurs are critical to economic development. We were thrilled to welcome Alyssa to Providence, psyched she's putting down roots, and are excited for the future of Hometeam in PVD.

Want to show your PVD pride and support a local entrepreneur? Join Hometeam’s Indiegogo campaign.

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