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Sproutel Launches “Designing in Digital Health” Webinar

Local startup and Betaspring alumnus, Sproutel, is teaming up with Involution Studios to launch a new webinar series that explores the future of healthcare.

The series, which will stream live from 2-3pm on Tuesday, November 29th, will feature 3 short presentations with key insights and ideas sure to inspire anyone interested in innovative work happening in healthcare. Tickets are free and you can sign up here.

We’re psyched to see our friends at Sproutel establishing themselves as thought leaders in the healthcare space. Since launching their flagship product, Jerry the Bear (a teddy bear that empowers kids with diabetes to learn about healthcare through playing), they’ve quickly become rising stars in the intersection between toys and healthcare. They’ve already reached more than a quarter of pediatric endocrinologist offices, were called a “disruptive force” in Forbes, and were invited to the White House to meet President Obama.

We look forward to checking out the webinar series, and can’t wait to see what Sproutel cooks up next!

Want to learn more about how Sproutel and others are innovating in healthcare? Reserve your spot here.

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