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Sproutel: From Forbes to the Future

Sproutel, RI-based startup and Betaspring alumnus, was just featured in Forbes for their innovative work at the intersection between health, technology, and toys.

Sproutel’s flagship product, Jerry the Bear, empowers kids with diabetes to learn about healthcare through playing. Equipped with a touch screen monitor, an insulin pen and a backpack, Jerry allows kids to pack healthy foods, administer blood tests, and even hugs, while Jerry’s physiological and emotional health are monitored through a series of games. By learning how to take care of Jerry, kids learn how to take care of themselves.

Despite starting just a few years ago, Sproutel has already reached 4% of children newly diagnosed with Type I diabetes and 25% of pediatric endocrinologist offices as of 2014. Sproutel is an emerging force in a growing health tech industry by going far beyond the functionality of your everyday stuffed animal, which is giving people new ways to monitor and improve their health.

Co-founder Aaron Horowitz created Sproutel to help kids “play with purpose.” His goal for Sproutel is to “leverage the power of play to help children live happy and healthy lives.” Jerry gives kids the vocabulary and confidence to discuss their disease, turning a stressful topic into a playful interaction.

Sproutel is looking into how they could help kids with other health conditions, like food allergies and asthma. Having already garnered national attention and even wowed President Obama, who knows what the future has in store for Sproutel?

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