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SalesBrief Makes Sales Presentations Come Alive

Think it’s odd that in 2016, people are still handing out those boring folders of information during business meetings? Entrepreneurs Ted Brown and James Kwon thought so too. So they created SalesBrief to make those relics a thing of the past.

SalesBrief’s mission is to help businesses engage prospective clients, giving them more information in a smarter way. Their platform takes sales presentations to the next level, with videos, links and other interactive content. Users can present prospective clients with perfected, pre-recorded sales pitches by the best and brightest within their companies. They can even unlock content at a certain time in the sales process to deliver the ultimate wow factor.

SalesBrief is not the duo’s first foray into successful business building. Ted was a key contributor to Providence-based Andera’s ~$45MM acquisition by Bottomline Technologies, and James is the CEO of Figmints, a Pawtucket-based full service creative marketing agency he founded in 1999. Both have had roots in Providence since their college days, when Ted was a student at Brown and James at JWU.

They told us Providence was the perfect place to build SalesBrief because of all the connections they’ve made in our small but passionate startup community. Those connections were vital to their ability to start and grow their business. “Providence is the perfect micro community to test a product,” James said. “There’s incredible access to big companies and the community is small enough that you can make a big impact relatively quickly.”

“Providence is the perfect micro community to test a product"

- James Kwon, cofounder of SalesBrief

“Big impact” is exactly what SalesBrief’s early adopter clients are seeing. As it turns out, a little bit of digital organization goes a long way in the enterprise sales use case the company decided to tackle first. Within six months of adopting the solution, SalesBrief’s enterprise software clients have reduced their sales cycles by as much as over 20% simply by improving the way they communicate critical information.

We’re proud to have had these sales heroes in our startup community, and can’t wait to see what they cook up next.

Want to experience the future of sales presentations for yourself? Check out a SalesBrief that was curated just for you


Written by Kyle Nacci & Will Short

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