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Providence Design Catalyst Shows Off RI’s Creative Talent

Local entrepreneurs and designers work together to catalyze design startups.

When Providence branded itself “The Creative Capital,” it wasn’t playing around. We’re home to one of the best design schools and one of the best culinary schools in the world. Our streets are bursting with art and culture. And we have a low cost of living that creatives can actually afford without starving to death (our friends in NYC, San Fran and Beantown wish they could say the same).

This creative power was on full display at last week’s design catalyst showcase.

On Wednesday, May 25th, local entrepreneurs and designers gathered to talk shop and show off their work. The guests of honor were the 17 startups in this year’s PROVIDENCE DESIGN CATALYST program, developed by DESIGNxRI. Each startup in this competitive grant program received seed capital of up to $35,000, mentorship and educational programming to support their growth.

Here’s the list of the startups catalyzed in the program:

We can’t wait to see how these awesome design startups grow and contribute to our city’s startup ecosystem. It’s stuff like this that makes us proud to call The Creative Capital our home.

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