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Pitch Perfect:

Build a Killer Company Story

Better Story, Better Business.

Companies live and die by the story they tell. It’s why investors invest, customers buy, and talented people join company ranks.

That’s why we created Pitch Perfect, a program designed to help your company build a better company story AND create materials that drive growth. At four private work sessions, we’ll assess your current storytelling materials and company storytelling needs, help you create a full revision of select materials (deck, summary, elevator pitch, etc.), and plan for next steps.

Sessions will be held at Founders League with day, night & weekend options. They’ll be led by Melissa Withers, Managing Director of Betaspring. At Betaspring, she has helped 90+ companies craft and sell a compelling story. She also co-founded Business Innovation Factory (an early advocate for the powerful role storytelling plays in driving innovation), and has developed communications for initiatives as far-reaching as the Human Genome Project at MIT.

Ready to make your company’s story more compelling? Register today before our limited spaces fill up!

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