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Millennial Monday shows why RI is an awesome place for young professionals

Providence is already the Creative Capital. Maybe it’s time we start calling it the Millennial Capital too.

We’re the perfect size for climbing up the ranks and making a name for yourself. We’ve got the best art and culinary scene around, with Boston and NYC just a quick train ride away. And we have a cost of living that young professionals can actually afford. It’s no wonder millennials love this place.

That PVD love was on full display this Monday, when a group of inspiring young professionals came together at MPGRI’s Millennial Monday. We kicked back, shared some drinks and heard the stories of some of RI's most dynamic young thinkers and doers. Think TED Talks, only cooler.

Aiyah Josiah-Faeduwor, Director at OICRI, talked about his drive to help millennial talent take their ambitions to the next level. Sarah Dell, Account Manager at Advocacy Solutions, told us about how she finds purpose in fighting for families in crisis. Jonathon Acosta, Dean of Culture at Blackstone Valley Prep, spoke about his drive to empower our youth and give back to the world that made him the man he is today. And Jordan Seaberry, Victim Advocate at the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence, shared how he uses his art to give a voice to voiceless members of his community.

These speakers inspired us to go out and use our sense of purpose as fuel for helping those around us. Providence was already an awesome place, but millennials like these are taking it to another level.

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