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MassChallenge Announces Its RI Bootcamp Finalists

via Neil Hamel, RI Project Lead at MassChallenge

Bridge to MassChallenge has announced its finalists for its new startup bootcamp, where RI-based startups will compete for a chance to participate in the globally renowned accelerator. Among the finalists are Founders League member Phoenix Med Tech and our friends at Libby & Spotter.

The 12 finalists were chosen from a pool of 42 exceptional applications by a panel of 11 judges comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, executives, and investors. These 12 companies will participate in a 4-day immersive bootcamp and pitch competition. The winner will be fast-tracked to the final pitch round of MassChallenge 2017. They will also be able to participate in a MA-to-RI venture capital summit day in early March.

Here's the full list of finalists:

3D Shape Tech LLC - Unsynchronized Structured Light enables smartphones and tablets to function as high resolution 3D cameras.

Aquanis, Inc - Makes wind turbines more efficient and durable by enabling them to instantly react to changes in the wind.

BetaXAnalytics - Transforms data insights into intelligence to improve the cost and quality of healthcare.

Fresh Local 52 LLC - Grows nutritious greens locally with 98% less water, no chemicals and a tiny carbon footprint.

The Innovation Scout - "" for startups. Use machine learning to match relevant startups to corporate innovation programs. 

Libby - Online platform that allows students to compare, buy and sell textbooks exclusively to/from peers on their campus.

Medley Genomics - Aim to understand tumor genomic heterogeneity to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

Phoenix Medical Technologies - Developed the first device that restores feeling to diabetics who have lost feeling in their feet.

Portela Soni Medical LLC - Solving HAI with a technology that reduces CAUTI and doubles as a new therapeutic delivery system.

PowerDocks LLC - Autonomous Floating Micro-Grid.

Spotter - Platform for renting non-commercial parking spaces to consumers and mobility companies.

Vivo Mobile, Inc. - Application for financial services companies who want to build a new generation of sales people.

Congrats to all the finalists! This is just one step forward together in helping RI startups win! We look forward to seeing all the awesome things you accomplish this year.

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