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HealthID Profile: Putting Your Health All in One Place

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island and Founders League are collaborating toshowcase local companies pioneering new health and wellness solutions. The diversity of these companies captures the depth of activity happening across Rhode Island’s startup scene and highlights the global impact these companies are already having on the world. Below is the second in a nine-part blog series on these special local companies.

Born out of a father’s concern for managing his young son’s diabetes, HealthID Profile set out to change how people track, manage, and share their healthcare information. The goal was more than create the next personalized medical record: it was to transform how people manage their health and improve how they communicate their needs to caregivers and emergency medical responders.

HealthID Profiles patent-pending mobile health solution simplifies managing medical information at home, on the go, or at the office...then instantly communicates that information via a HealthID Band or Chip. It starts when HealthID users use their personal health information to create a “living record” of their unique health needs. The dead simple platform helps users manage, track and share information on medical conditions, allergies, medications, and emergency contacts. That information is then stored on a user’s wearable band that can instantly transfer critical information to first responders. Alternatively, information can be shared with a card that users carry with them.

HealthID's Bands or Cards are available in over 15,000 pharmacies across the US, including all CVS Health pharmacies.

The system also supports medication management, helping users take the right medicine at the right time. The HealthID dashboard puts all medication information into a single dashboard. Users can add medications to their profile and receive email or text reminders to take them as prescribed. Because HealthID is mobile, users have an up-to-date list off the medications they take with them at all times--a critical piece of information in the event of a health emergency and helpful for caregivers supporting people who need extra help.

With a simple push of a button, HealthID users can share what they want, when they want. Whether it’s a medical emergency, a routine doctors visit, or coordinating care for a loved one, HealthID offers the tools people need to understand and share critical information about their health.

HealthID doesn’t just work well, it looks good, too. The Band is a stylish piece of wearable tech that can communicate with other portable devices to help display medical information digitally and instantly. With a simple tap, the band can communicate with the company's mobile app on devices enabled with NFC, or near field communications. The company also produces a smart identification card that works with mobile devices via a QR code. Information can always be accessed by typing in a unique identification code on the HealthID profile, which purposely built an interface where ease of use is a top priority.

The HealthID Band transforms the medical bracelet, which could only communicate what could be printed on the bracelet itself. The ability to transmit detailed information brings new peace of mind to people who suffer from chronic medical conditions and their caregivers. This is especially true for those least able to communicate, like children, senior citizens, or patients with severe disabilities that might hinder communication.

This is just the beginning for HealthID, which is now rolling out a B2B platform focused on Medication Adherence. The team is starting with pharmacies to provide them with real-time information on how their customers are taking their medications, so pharmacies can engage with customers long before a refill is missed. For pharmacies, this means more customer retention. For people, less missed medication means fewer health consequences.

You don’t want to miss what’s next for this pioneering company. Learn more at

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