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Betaspring Announces New Accelerator with Focus on Revenue-First Companies

Betaspring—the parent org that operates Founders League—shared some exciting news yesterday with the launch of RevUp, their newest accelerator program. RevUp is the first accelerator in the country for “revenue-first” companies—ventures where growth through revenue is the primary goal.

RevUp builds on Betaspring’s history and experience accelerating 89 companies and managing a portfolio that's raised $50MM in follow-on funding. But here's how it's unique:

--We work with companies that are already generating revenue.
--We don’t take equity. RevUp gets a return as revenue scales.
--We aren’t unicorn hunters. Our model doesn’t depend on exits. This expands the type of companies we can accelerate and invest in.
--We've added a Boston location, making it even easier for companies across New England to connect with us.
--RevUp supports companies that have been ignored. And there are a lot of them: 93% of the companies on the Inc 500 list of fastest growing companies have not received VC dollars.

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