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Attention R.I. Companies: Non-Dilutive Funding for Companies Moving Fast Up a Revenue-Fueled Growth Curve

Sound too good to be true? Not only is it true, it's right here your own backyard! Betaspring's RevUp fund invests in B2B and B2C companies that have a strong start in the market AND plenty of room to run.

How it works:
--Non-equity cash investment
--Dedicated access to RevUp's full time, in-house growth marketing team
--Hands-on support from Betaspring management, which has invested in 120+ companies since 2009
--Revenue-based return model

--Minimum $25K MRR with solid month-over-month growth
--A strong team with proven ability to execute
--Able to master new skills and quickly build capacity

The Betaspring team is currently evaluating companies for late summer investment. Screening interviews are by appointment only.

Get started by completing a pre-screening form on the Betaspring website. Use referral code FoundersLeague for expedited review!

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