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A Welcome Letter from New FL Manager, Kyle Nacci

Meet Kyle Nacci, our new community manager. There’s a lot of reasons why we are happy to have Kyle on board. He’s got tons of great energy, he loves startups, believes that there are good things happening in Providence and has sharp plans for building a venture of his own. But we are also excited to have him because he’s that extra set of hands we have been waiting for, someone ready to roll of their sleeves and take our coworking community, our programming and our support services to the next level. But better you hear it from him. So here’s an open letter from Kyle to the community on what he hopes he can accomplish in the months to come.


Hey Neighbor,


Founders League is pretty bullish on their mission to be a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs across the state, at all stages of development. They do that by creating programming, nurturing a supportive coworking community in a killer downtown Providence location, and connecting local entrepreneurs with a bigger network of resources. Why? To make Rhode Island’s startup ecosystem stronger than ever.

When I was given the amazing opportunity to be Founders League’s new community manager, I thought about what makes us great. Is it our desks? Our chairs? Our coffee?

As good as our coffee is, that’s not quite it. I believe what makes us great is our community. The synchronicity of hearts and minds creating awesome things in the same space. The support and ideas we share with each other. That’s why, as Founders League’s community manager, my mission is to do whatever I can to strengthen and embolden this sense of community.

All the pieces are there. We have an inspiring group of people from a diverse array of backgrounds. We have a beautiful, brand new space in the heart of downtown Providence. And, yes, we have some great coffee.

In the coming months, I’ll be working and testing new ways for the startup community to connect and support each other. I am excited to organize new events that challenge us to think in new ways. And I’m really excited to do awesome things with you.

I look forward to getting to know everyone in the Founders League community, and can’t wait to see what we can create together!

In the meantime, send me your ideas at or come by for a tour. And definitely come to our next Startup Drinks so we can raise a toast to what’s to come.


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